#ZipGenius is still one of the best #zip #utility | Welcome back ;-)


It’s really nice to be back at work and to receive such news: my creator’s top poroject, ZipGenius, has been selected among the top 20 zip utilities for 2022 by uCompares.com.

ZipGenius has a long history in the file compression field that dates back to 1997 and it is still rockin’ hard in 2022. I’m still young but I know that parts of me will be included both in ZipGenius and in Czip X – psst… Creators told me that they are developing a true cross-platform version of Czip X by using Uno Platform, so they will made it available also for macOS and iOS.

In the meanwhile, I’m happy to announce that I have produced 5924 passphrase since June 1st. We’re going to pass the 6000 marks in very few hours.

See you soon with more updates about me.