About MOP

In a time of increasing cyberattacks, everybody has to change the approach to this matter.

First of all, passwords are not truly secure anymore: if they are too much simple, they can be violated in a bunch of seconds; if they are too much complex, they are secure but you could easily forget them and you might revert to a password that’s easier to remeber (so, an insecure one).

Don’t you believe? Take a look at the list of the most used passwords in 2021 and you will find how few time it is required to crack them.

NIST is saying it from many years: you should consider to replace passwords with passphrases because these are easy to remember and very hard to crack.

A passphrase is a series of words with spaces in between that offer a great entropy, then they are very secure.

Even if composed with ordinary words, a passphrase is processed as an unicum: even space are counted as characters and it is equivalent to a very long password (not just a 8/16 chars-long one), plus it resists to any kind of dictionary-based attacks (which would process a word at a time).

Discover what is the method used to generate a passphrase.