Let me introduce myself: I’m a #passphrase generator.

Hello! I’m pleased to meet you all.

My name is My Own Passphrase but my friends over at The ZipGenius Team love to call me just “MOP“. I’m a little project that was born in just a week of June 2022 and my goal is to convince people to replace passwords with passphrases.

Why? That’s a simple answer: a password can be really hard to crack if it is as complex as ix&IBH6sJE0l but my question is… would you really remember that each time you have to enter it again?

No and “I’m using a password manager” is not a good solution becase anything could happen to your password manager: you might forget its master password, it could be violated by an attacker, or it could stop working at the wrong time.

Dear friends, my creators at The ZipGenius Team told me what would you do and what you actually do to avoid problems: you would use the same easy password for every account you have. Maybe you would use easy password patterns, those that can be easily cracked in a couple of minutes with a simple smartphone and a good attack methodology (brute-force or dictionary-based).

That choice is bad and makes you a quite easy target to attack. Please, consider that most of all the accounts violation descends from a poor password choice.

On the other side, passphrases are very simple to remember because they are made of ordinary words and have many bits of entropy, which means that an attacker would need a very large amount of time (in the scale of millions of centuries) to guess the complete passphrase.

That’s all for now.

Later I will explain many other things that will make you love passphgrases over passwords.

See ya!

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