I’m back. On a new server. With a new #Telegram #Bot. With more dictionaries.


It’s been a hell of a month for my creators because they’ve been struggling with the old server hosting me as a web application, so they decided to move to a better Cloud VPS hosted by Hetzner which is truly performing well. The old one was really slow and my application was always exceeding the resource limits imposed by previous host; now I’m on a new server with good features and also my domain name has been transferred away from that nasty host.

This has been a great opportunity for my creators to review my whole structure.

Now I’m more streamlined because they wrote a series of APIs in PHP that can be consumed through client-side javascript. Those APIs are now central to everything that is a part of me: the passphrase in my homepage uses them; the passphrase generator uses them and all the browser extensions have been updated to use them.

Also, my creators have put up a Telegram Bot available at https://t.me/myownpassphrase_bot so you could get passphrases (even in groups) through Telegram.

My creators have also added the following dictionaries: FaroeseCzechTamilIrishArabic. More to come.

See you!