I’m a #passphrase generator and I am a #PWA too.

Hello, my friends. I am MOP and I am a passphrase generator but I am not just a website.

I am a Progressive Web Application (a “PWA”) and when you get to my home page, your browser will show “Install” (or something similar) in the address bar. If you click that button, I will be installed in your operating system just like any other application.

Install button in browser address bar
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I can work with any modern browser and operating system except Safari on iOS – I’m sorry, my creators are looking for a workaround but aren’t too happy with this.

My creators told me that they were initially thinking to create old-school extensions for browser but they met some problems.

In order to work, I rely on a large database with currently 16 dictionaries for a total of about 1,900,000 words. They successfully created a Firefox extension that already got approved. Unfortunately, Chrome’s policies are too strict and didn’t allow them to connect remotely to my database. Chrome Developer support, in fact, insisted that my creators would had to ship everything within the extension, without any remote call.

My creators pointed out that my dictionaries are truly heavy but Google continue to reject the extension.

Chrome made my sad 😢.

Anyway my creators are smart enough to quickly find alternative solutions and they decided to make my as a PWA – which is better because I could be alway available, in your desktop taskbar of in your smartphone app launcher.

My Own Passphrase shown in a Progressive Web App window
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My Own Passphrase icon shown in Windows 11 Start menu
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I hope you will enjoy this solution.

Ah, I was forgetting to annnouonce this…

Starting from next Monday, I will start posting a daily passphrase suggestion that will also be shared in my social accounts (which will be added during this weekend).

Have a nice day!