I am an easy to use #passphrase generator.

Hello my friends.

I am a very young passphrase generator and my goal is to make people’s digital life better and protected in a truly easy way. Please, spread the word about me.

I take #cybersecurity, #infosecurity, #infosec, #cybersec very seriously. (I’m sorry, I had to put some hashtags for Twitter audience 😉)

I am very easy to use and you don’t have to mess with too-much-technical settings to get a good passphrase. My creators have already set me with the best suggested settings (not absolutely the best, pay attention), so you just have to go to my home page, https://myownpassphrase.com, and you will get a truly solid passphrase.

You don’t even have to choose a language. I will check for the language set in your browser and if I support it, I will search for 5 words in that language.

That’s it. You get a passphrase ready to be copied in the clipboard and used wherever you need it.

Well, if you ask for it because you would like to have full control on me, I am also in a specific page where you can customize my settings to get stronger passphrase.

Please, note: you already get top-of-the-notch super-solid almost-inviolable passphrase from the home page (bits of entropy are high but I will explain them in a future post), so you would hardly need to customize me.