I am a #passphrase generator and I support many languages.


I am a passphrase generator and you may have seen that I can generate passphrases in your language. If it happened, it means that you were lucky enough to be using a language I support.

Currently I am using dictionaries for the following languages: EnglishItalianFrenchGerman, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Serbian, Slovakian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Greek, Polish and even Esperanto.

My creators told me that soon they will add other dictionaries and enrich what I can offer to my friends.

Making a dictionary for me is not an easy task.

My creators were inspired by the Diceware method for creating passphrases: you roll 5 dices to get a number (let’s say 22536) and you will look in a wordlist for the word associated to that number. Repeat this for five times and you will get a passphrase.

That was a truly good starting point but my creators found the diceware wordlists to be flawed:

  • many non-english wordlists have sequences of symbols or letters instead of words (e.g. “???” or “aaa”);
  • words length is not coherent between different languages (many of them uses only 5-chars words but others use word with variable length);
  • most words are not ordinary and hard to remember.

That’s why my creators hunted down different better sources. Just think: the english dictionary has been replaced 3 times before made it ready for me.

I know they have some new dictionary ready but they are also checking if those can be considered ready to debut.

Also, my algorithm is costantly tuned: my creator told that over the next week I will receive a small update that will make me choose better more randomly than what I can do as of now.

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